The Wolseley 14/60 Series III – A survivor of World War II

Wolseley Motors in Birmingham, England started production of the Wolseley 14/60 in 1938 but was forced to call a halt in 1939 when war was declared. The 14/60 went back into production in 1945 and ceased in 1948.

It was introduced as part of the Wolseley Series III range and was built on a 2.66m wheelbase. The car was powered by a 60 bhp, twin carburettor, 1,818 cc inline six-cylinder engine. It shared its styling with the Wolseley 12/48 which was introduced in 1937. The 14/60 was offered mostly as a four door saloon but it is thought that a small number of ‘Redfern’ tourers were also produced.

Coachbuilders were big business in the early days of motoring and many buyers had bodywork done as an extra.

According to Wikipedia post-war production of the 14/60 amounted to 5,731 vehicles. The 14/60 was replaced by the Wolseley 6/80.


FEATURE IMAGE – Black Wolseley – Biswarup Ganguly, (CC BY 3.0 )
Radiator Cap and Badge – Biswarup Ganguly, (CC BY 3.0 )
Red and White 1939 Wolseley 14/60 – Steve Glover, (CC BY 2.0)
Cream 1947 Wolseley 14/60 Series III Saloon – Sicnag, (CC BY 2.0)