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A Car for Every Year – Part 1 – From 1886 To 1900

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of “A Car for Every Year”. Part one covers the period 1886 to 1900. Part 2 covers the period 1901 – 1920 and thereafter each part covers a period of 10 years up until 1999. That ties in with our annual car show competition rules, and the fact that we only judge vehicles built in 1999 or prior.

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I remember that at school in the 1960’s our history books said that Daimler and Benz were the first two to build a motor car. I remember too, that they worked completely independently of each other, lived in different parts of Germany, and, had no idea that the other one was also building a “motor car”.

The question is, how was the “motor car” defined? Richard Trevithick was designing, building and using steam driven vehicles almost 80 years before the “first motor car” was built. It all comes down to the internal combustion engine replacing horse pulled carriages, and creating a new word – “motorcar” from “motorised carriage”, which of course the Americans automatically substituted with “Automobile”!

Tea Garden and cakes

The other issue has to do with wheels. Three wheels makes it a tricycle, but the history shows there were quadricycles as well, and it also show that tricycles were motorised slightly earlier. It’s all a little confusing, so, in deference to teachers of the 60’s we will call the Daimler -Benz issue a draw. Daimler had the first 4 wheeler though.

In this post and the following six we will show you random images of cars from 1886 right up to 2019. Part Two 1901 -1920
There’s no particular reason for choosing any vehicle other than selecting images that are reasonably clear and pleasing to the eye. The feature image is of course, A Benz. But it only has three wheels!

The two men in the top left picture are Gottlieb Daimler and his son Adolph who is driving the first four wheeled car.

Other events –
1886 – Coca Cola sold for the first time, The first Dishwasher invented and the first Linotype printing press was installed in the New York Times.
1887 – America’s first Golf Club – The Foxburg Club in Foxburg, Pennsylvania is established.
1888 – Kodak launch the first box camera. John Dunlop invents the inflatable or pneumatic tyre and The National Geographic Society was founded.

Notice the change in the steering tiller in the two Peugeots. The 1891 model had thicker wheels and mudguards. The tyres may have been pneumatic.

Other events
1889 – The Eiffel Tower is completed and opened. The Wall Street Journal published for the first time.
1890 Otto von Bismarck resigns. America passes the Sherman Antitrust laws.
1891 Basketball becomes an official sport, Carnegie Hall opens its doors for the first time.

The Peugeot has become a four seater and the steering tiller is now almost a steering wheel. The Benz already looks sleek and well engineered.

Other events
1892 The first Sherlock Holmes book by Sir arthur Conan Doyle published.
Oil discovered in Texas.
1893 Thomas Edison invents the first moving pictures
1894 Coca Cola in bottles sold for the first time. The first Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling published,

The top left vehicle, is named after it’s designer/builder/owner – Mr. Amédée Bollée, who was a “bell founder”. A bell founder is a person who casts iron to manufacture bells. The Delahaye still has a tiller type steering mechanism but the Armstrong looks like it may have a flat steering wheel.

Other events
1895 The second Jungle Book published, Slot machines invented .
1896 The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, The Dow Jones Industrial Index first published.
1897 The Duryea Company Established as the first American car makers. The Oldest annual city marathon is run in Boston

Other Events
1898 The US/Spanish war begins and ends within the year, Harrods instal the first elevator in their London store
1899 The German company Bayer launch Aspirin as a pain killer. The 2nd Boer war begins and the US goes to war against the Philippines.

The Westrand Car Show is a Classic Car Show. TO QUALIFY FOR ENTRANCE TO A COMPETITIVE CLASS, VEHICLES MUST HAVE BEEN BUILT OR REGISTERED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 1999 OR EARLIER. Only the first 180 QUALIFYING vehicles will receive a commemorative medallion. Any newer vehicle is welcome to be entered as a “non-competitive vehicle” and to be placed on show just because of “the spirit of motoring” and the desire to share the joy that your wheels bring you, with all of the rest of us. See the list of classes below and the entrance form. Remember its a fun day, so don’t take it too seriously.

Non-Competitive vehicles may enter at the gate on the day.

The Westrand Car Show is an alcohol-free event and any person found to have in their possession or to be consuming alcohol will not be admitted and/or will be asked to leave the premises of Dr. Havinga School. 


Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n klassieke motorskou. OM TE KWALIFISEER VIR TOEGANG TOT ‘N KOMPETERENDE KLAS, MOET VOERTUIE VIR DIE EERSTE KEER IN 1999 OF VROEËR GEBOU OF GEREGISTREER WORD. Slegs die eerste 180 KWALIFISERENDE voertuie sal ‘n gedenkmedalje ontvang. Enige nuwer voertuig is welkom om as ‘n “nie-mededingende voertuig” ingeskryf te word, en dit net te danke aan” die gees van motor” en die begeerte om die vreugde wat u wiele vir u bring, saam met ons almal te deel. Kyk na die lys van klasse hieronder en die ingangsvorm. Onthou, dis ‘n pret dag moenie dit te ernstig opneem.

Nie-mededingende voertuie mag op die dag by die hek inteken.

Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n alkoholvrye gebeurtenis, en enige persoon wat bevind is dat hy in besit is en/of alkohol inneem, sal nie toegelaat word nie en/of gevra sal word om die perseel van die Dr. Havinga skool te verlaat.

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Image Attribution
1886 Benz – Daimler AG Stuttgart
1886 Daimler – Daimler AG Stuttgart
1887 De Dion Bouton et  Trépardoux steam quadricycle – Alf van Beem [Public domain]
1888 Hammel 1 – Newfoundlanddog at German Wikipedia. [Public domain]
1889 Benz – Daimler AG Stuttgart
1890 Peugeot Type 2 – Wiki unknown photographer
1891 Peugeot Type 3 – Almanach des Sports 1899 [Public domain]
1892 Panhard & Levassor – Brewbooks from near Seattle, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0]
1893 Peugeot Phaetonnet Type 8 – Alf van Beem [CC0]
1894 Benz Velo – Daimler AG Stuttgart
1895 Amedee Bollee 6 – Buch-t [CC BY-SA 3.0 de]
1896 Armstrong Doppel Phaeton – Buch-t [CC BY-SA 3.0 de]
1897 Delahaye – P.poschadel [CC BY-SA 3.0]
1898 Peugeot Type 17 – Thesupermat [CC BY-SA 3.0]
1899 Peugeot Type 26 Doppel Phaeton – Buch-t [CC BY-SA 3.0 de]
1900 Haynes Apperson – Early American Automobiles USA