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Austin 28 Ranelagh

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This Austin was a derivative of and successor to the Austin 20 range. It was launched with a new body shape and a new engine in July 1938. Only 300 units were sold and production was ceased at the outbreak of WW II.

Features of the Austin 28 were items such as a reverse light, flat floor area, draught free ventilation, and additional luggage space. A “quick-fill” fuel tank, piston like shock absorbers and a “pistol-grip” handbrake were other new features.

The new engine was a 4 litre straight six with a BHP of 90, was smoother running than previous models and was apparently a pleasure to drive. A road report from the time is recorded on Wikipedia and appears below.

Road test

A new and roomy seven-seater which has much to recommend it including the price. Unusually good windows, long and fairly deep give a good view and enhance the appearance of the car. The cushions and shaped squabs are comfortable, the compartments are divided by sliding glass panels. There are folding foot rests, blinds to the division window, shaped armchair backs to the seat and a double arm rest in the centre. The occasional seats give reasonable comfort, the doorways behind are wide, the boot has two good-sized fitted suitcases with the spare wheel below and its platform is designed to take 1½ cwt 168 lb (76 kg) of extra luggage.
The new engine has the extra refinement in running noticeable in the other new Austin units and shows much improvement on the former Twenty. The horn button and the signalling lever are on the top of the thin three-spoked steering wheel. The brake lever is inverted and under the dash. Accessible it does not interfere with entrance and has a thumb-plate trigger. The greatest comfortable speed was 70 miles per hour.

It is suspected that only a few of these cars survive today. The Burgundy and white car featured above is in a museum in Poland. The black car above was in use by the head of the Wat Pra Singh or Golden Temple in Thailand. It has been substantially modified judging by the modern wheels.

The Austin 28 Ranelagh was succeeded by the Austin A125 Sheerline

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AUSTIN 28 – Wistula [CC BY 3.0] – Featured image.
AUSTIN 28 – Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas
AUSTIN 28 – Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas