Westrand Car Show - Daimler SP250

Daimler SP 250

The Daimler brand was owned by a UK company – BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company) up until 1960, when it sold the Motor Car Division to Jaguar. The last new model launched by Daimler before the purchase by Jaguar was the Daimler SP 250. It went into production in 1959 and ceased in 1964.

The 2 door 2 seater sports car had a fibreglass body and was driven by a 2.5 litre V8 engine with either a 3 speed auto gearbox or a 4 speed manual setup.

It was officially launched as the Daimler Dart in 1959 at the New York Motor Show where it was voted the ugliest car at the show. It also resulted in Dodge ( a division of Chrysler) threatening legal action as the “Dart” name belonged to Dodge.

The Daimler’s name was quickly changed to Daimler SP250.

According to Wikipedia only 2654 units of the Daimler SP 250 were built. The car turned out to be a disappointment as sales of 3000 units per year were expected. production ended in 1964

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Image Attribution
White 1960 Daimler SP 250 – Thomas’s Pics [CC BY 2.0]
Silver 1964 Daimler SP250 – SG2012 [CC BY 2.0]
Black Daimler SP 250 – grassrootsgroundswell [CC BY 2.0]