No Alcohol Allowed

No Alcohol Policy

The WestRand Car Show, NG Kerk Mindalore Jointly run the car show and the Jubelfees. This all takes place on the premises of the Dr. Havinga Primary School. In terms of the license granted to run this event it has what is called a low impact status as no alcohol is allowed on the premises.

There will be hundreds of children at the event so we cannot allow this rule to be broken. We will, unfortunately evict anyone who brings any alcohol onto the premises and/or consumes any alcohol on the premises.

The School, The NG Kerk Mindalore and the WestRand Car Show trust that we will have everyone’s co-operation. If you go to Disneyworld or Disneyland they have the same rule “children -1 Alcohol – 0”

Cold drinks and water will be on sale at most of the food stalls and in the tea garden.

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