International Virtual Classic Car Show

When is the closing date for entries for the IVCCS 2020.

How many images can I submit with my entry?

How many vehicles can I enter this year for IVCCS?

Who benefits from the entrance fee for IVCCS ?

Can I donate more than US$15.00

What percentage of our donations goes to the Church?

15th August 2020 to allow us enough time to load all entries before the show on 29th August 2020

A maximum of eight.. For guidelines see here.

As many as you like at US $15.00 per vehicle but we can negotiate a fee on request. South African Entries are R100

The Dutch Reformed Church,
South Africa

That would be fantastic.

100% less the additional bandwidth we require for the duration of the show. The website, webmaster, domain and hosting are all sponsored.

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