2008 – Westrand Car Show

Westrand Car Show
WestRand Car Show

As I understand it, the very first Westrand Car Show made it’s appearance in 2008, but under a different name. There was an issue regarding branding and it was decided to switch to it’s current name.

The Westrand Car Show is the annual fundraiser for the NG Kerk Mindalore which is a few hundred meters away from the site used for the show.

Poeding en Koek

2008 was a time when digital cameras were still something new and we weren’t as good then as we are now, at downloading material onto desktop computers for safe keeping. So we don’t have actual pics from 2008.

What we’ve done though is to see if we have covered all the classes of vehicles that add in someway to the history of the motor vehicle as gives rise to events like the Westrand Car Show.

One of the oldest cars, ever, at the Westrand Car Show was this old Model A Ford – Not quite a veteran (Dec 1918 or earlier) it is still a beautiful vehicle.

In the 50’s both the UK and the USA were constantly developing new vehicles and inventions to improve safety, reliability, speed and comfort. The British vehicles tended to be smaller than the American ones, probably as a result of England’s narrow roads. Famous brands like Austin, Morris, Vauxhall, Wolseley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Triumph, Rover and MG all produced well built quality cars while the French Italian and Germans were also hard at work on their famous brands- Peugeot,Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Bugatti, Ferrarri, Volskwagen, Mercedes, BMW, Auto Union and many others,

Westrand Car Show
Riley 1.4 from the 50’s and 60’s

The Germans produced probably the most recognised car in the entire planet and even today there are few who would be unable to identify a Volkswagen Beetle, who also become a film star as the famous No %# – HERBIE

Westrand Car Show
Ford Anglia

While the Americans were making bigger and brasher cars in the mid 50’s and into the sixties Ford UK were busy with a great new concept in design. The reverse angle rear window of the Ford Anglia (and later the Ford Consul Classic).

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The big American vintage and classic cars flourised in the post war years right up until the advent of the Japanese imports in the later years of the 20th Century. This 1960’s Chevrole Impala epitomises the styling popular at the time.

No Car Show would be complete without it entrants of the “Souped Up Brigade”. Those intrepid men (young and old) who can take a normal road car and change it’s looks, stance on the road, and performance. Tending to be sometimes unreliable these vehicles arouse a range of emotions in observers from “wow” to “funny” to “absolutely ridiculous”

Street Customs, Hot Rods and Super LDVs will be with us for years to come.

West Rand Car Show
West Rand Car Show
West Rand Car Show

The Ubiquitous Bakkie has become a very permanent part of our motoring landscape with more and more large double cabs becoming the first family vehicle as opposed to one time being the heap of old iron that took garden refuse off to the municipal dump every now and then.

Started by Ford and General Motors but perfected by the Japanese the Bakkie is here to stay

Monaro GTS, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Dodge Viper – The great American Muscle Car with straight line top speeds that are scary fast have developed their own cult class who get high on the smell of petrol fumes and the growl of an idling V8 engine

Westrand Motor Show

Sometimes the forgotten arm of the history of motoring is the motorbike. From slow two stroke smoky engines to those with engines the size of a mid size motorcar motorbikes have come a long way.

There are hundreds of bikers who spend big money on these amazing engineering designs that are the subject of heated discussion wherever these intrepid riders (old and Young meet) and talk motorbikes.

See all the Veteran, Vintage, Antique and Classic Cars, Street Customs, Muscle Cars, Super LDVs, Hot Rods and Motorbikes, as well as all of the people that make the Westrand Car Show so successful.

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