1991 Tatra MTX, Westrand Car Show, Veteran Cars, Vintage Cars, Classic Cars, Street Customs, SuperLDVs, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Motorbikes,

Tatra Cars were built from 1897 until 1999. The original company was a carriage and wagon builder. The first car was built in 1897 but the Tatra name was first used in 1919. Car manufacture was suspended during the war years while the company continued building military vehicles. The first car was called a Prasident  […]

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1931 Hillman Wizard DHC Westrand Car Show, British Cars, Veteran Cars

The Hillman Motor Car Company was registered in 1910, but had started making cars a few years before 1910. Even before that, the founders made sewing machines and bicycles. In 1928 the Humber Company Bought The Hillman Motor Car Company which gave Humber an opportunity to produce smaller cars alongside their larger ones. The first […]

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Westrand Car Show, West Rand Car Show,Veteran Cars, Vintage Cars, Classic Cars, Street Customs, Super LDVs, Hot Rods, Motorbikes,Dodge Viper

The Dodge Brothers were involved in various business ventures before turning to manufacturing motor cars in 1914. In 1925 Dodge became a part of the Chrysler Corporation. Their models were a little more luxurious than the Plymouth range. Plymouth competed with General Motors Chevrolet brand while Dodge competed more with Buick. The Dodge brand began […]

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