Westrand Car Show 1913 NSU 6 - 18 PS Doppel Phaeton

ANOTHER DISTANT COUSIN OF AUDI In 1873 a man by the name of Christian Schmidt established a knitting machine manufacturing business in the town of Riedlingen in West Germany. Riedlingen is about 290km South East of Frankfurt by road. The business was called “Mechanische Werkstätte zur Herstellung von Strickmaschinen”. In 1880 the business was relocated […]

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The Mazda Motor Corporation produced over 1,200,000 cars in 2016 which was about 20% less than in 2015. Still, it’s am awful lot of new vehicles. When Mazda started in 1920 it was called the Toyo Kogyo Co. Ltd. Mazda sounds a little easier don’t you think? Mazda started making a three-wheel truck that looked […]

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