Holden FX

1948 Holden FX

J.A. Holden from Walsall, England emigrated to Australia in1852 and in 1856 began a saddlery business. In 1908 the company became involved in the motor vehicle industry. For a time Holden even assembled the Ford Model T for the Australasian market. In 1931 Holden became a part of the General Motors group and over the […]

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The Original Holden Company started life as a saddlery making leather saddles used throughout Australia‚Äôs vast farming regions. They built their first car in 1908. In 1931 it became sa subsidiary of General motors and the company was renamed General Motors-Holdens Ltd. It was again renamed in 1998 and 2005. For many years Holden successfully […]

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