Westrand Car Show - 1916 -17 Clyno Prototype

TECHNICAL GENIUS – THE GREAT DEPRESSION – AND MANAGEMENT MEDIOCRITY This is the story of a young company that had the potential of greatness, but failed in circumstances beyond their control combined with one or unexplained moments of poor judgement. The thin red line between success and failure is clearly demonstrated in this post. In […]

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DAF 55

Westrand Car Show - DAF 55 Sedan

The DAF 55 was a small family car produced by the Dutch company DAF from December 1967 to September 1972, when it was replaced by the DAF 66. All DAF 55 models featured the unique Variomatic, which was the DAF version of the belt-driven Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with no manual transmission available. The 55 […]

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DAF 600

Westrand Car Show - DAF 600

The DAF brand was really established in the truck business. DAF trucks are seen on many roads and construction sites throughout the world. So it is quite surprising that they ever entered the car business in the first place. But enter it they did, with the DAF 600. DAF were pioneers in the Continuously Variable […]

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