Program – 31 Aug 2019

WestRand Car Show – 31 August 2019PROGRAM:08:00 Karre aankoms09:00 Opening09:05 T’Laino09:30 Abraham Kriel optrede10:00 Heidi11:00 T’Laino11:30 Abraham Kriel optrede12:00 Rev for Jesus12:10 Ruhan du Toit13:00 T’Laino14:30 Prysuitdeling : Voertuie The WestRand Car Show is an alcohol-free event and any person found to have in their possession or to be consuming alcohol will not be admitted […]

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Valued Business Service Provider - Westrand Car Show

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, WEBSITE HOSTING, DISASTER MANAGEMENT, AND GENERAL SUPPORT This website would not have been possible without the technical support and development assistance provided by iTrinity.  iTrinity are based in Helderkruin and are the leading IT specialists on the West Rand. They offer a complete range of IT solutions for major corporate clients and small/medium […]

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Dowry Complete Security Solutions

Westrand Car Show - Dowry Security

Dowry specializes in domestic, residential and estate security. On offer to Homeowner Associations, Body Corporate, Developers or Property Management Businesses are a range of services that meet with the highest standards. Each Client is unique; therefore Dowry undertake a risk analysis that identifies potential risk areas. Dowry then implements a system of checks and balances […]

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