Austin A30

Westrand Car Show - 1953 Austin A30 4 door Saloon

The Austin A30 was a small family car produced from May 1952 to September 1956. It was launched at the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show as the “New Austin Seven” and was Austin’s competitor with the Morris Minor. The body structure was a fully stressed monocoque chassis-less construction which made it lighter and stiffer than […]

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Audi 100

Westrand Car Show - 1973 Audi 100 GL

The first Audi 100, developed by Volkswagen’s subsidiary Auto Union at Ingolstadt, was shown to the press as a four-door sedan on 26 November 1968. The Audi 100 was the company’s largest car since the revival of the Audi brand by Volkswagen in 1965. Audi followed up the introduction of the four-door saloon in November […]

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