Westrand Car Show - 1939 Jensen


WRCS – 2020 Virtual Classic Car Show

The Management of WestRand Car Show is pleased and very excited to announce that they will be hosting the very first VIRTUAL CLASSIC CAR SHOW on Saturday 29th August 2020.

The 2020 Virtual Classic Car Show will for 2020 replace the 13th Annual WestRand Car Show which was suspended as a result of the Covid-19 Regulations.

This virtual show will continue in the tradition of theWestRand Car Show and at the same time protect the exhibitors, support teams and the public who will be able to see all the entrants from the comfort of their own homes.

We are confident that the show will be successful for us and the exhibitors and will add a new dimension to the WestRand Car Show for years to come.

This promises to be a great event for local and national enthusiasts.
Benefits for exhibitors on the Virtual Show
1. You can expand your circle of friends and contacts.
2. You will be able to compare your vehicle to national entrants from all nine provinces.
3.You may find a buyer for your vehicle, or even one to add to your collection.
4.You will save fuel and transport fees.
5. You can enjoy all the other entrants vehicles from the comfort of your own home.
6. There’s no need to wash and polish your vehicle that weekend.
7. There’s no chance that your vehicle can be damaged.
8.You will be doing your bit to support the annual NG Kerk Mindalore Fund Raising efforts.


We are expecting 1000 entries from around Gauteng and the rest of South Africa. Here are all the links for you to follow, including the classes of the competition as well as entrance forms and guide to submitting your images.

Know the Rules
Competition Classes
Entrance Fee
Entry Form
Exhibitor’s Display Sample

Westrand Car Show - 1939 Jensen
1939 Jensen

IMAGE ACCREDITATION – 1939 Jensen F Andrew – Hermanus Whales and Wheels 2010