1948 Holden FX

Holden FX

J.A. Holden from Walsall, England emigrated to Australia in1852 and in 1856 began a saddlery business. In 1908 the company became involved in the motor vehicle industry. For a time Holden even assembled the Ford Model T for the Australasian market.

Diamond of The Day
Diamond of The Day

In 1931 Holden became a part of the General Motors group and over the years assembled many different vehicles out of the GM stable including Chevrolet, Opel and Vauxhall. The dream of the Holden Company was to manufacture a truly Australian vehicle and in 1948 that dream became a reality.

Art By Bruce - 1951 Holden Coupe Utility
1951 Holden Coupe Utility

Using a Chevrolet Chassis, Holden designed and built the first Holdens which in later years became known at the Holden FX. The FX was produced from late 1948 until September 1953. A Coupe Utility (Bakkie) was added in 1951. The vehicles were powered by a 2.2L straight 6 engine with a three speed manual transmission. The FX range was replaced in late 1953 by the expanded Holden FJ series.

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1948 Holden FX – Museumsfotografierer [ Public domain]
1948 The First Holden – carsaroundadelaide.com – Ferenghi [CC BY 3.0]
1951 Holden 48-215 (FX) -sv1ambo [CC BY 2.0]
1951 Holden Coupe Utility – Chris Keating [CC BY 2.0]