1930 Morris Oxford Six

A Car For Every Year – Part 3 – From 1921 to 1930

This is the third in an ongoing series of “A Car for Every Year”. Part one covers the period 1886 to 1900. Part 2 covers the period 1901 – 1920 and thereafter each part covers a period of 10 years up until 1999. That ties in with our annual car show competition rules, and the fact that we only judge vehicles built in 1999 or prior.

A Car For Every Year – Part 1 – 1886 to 1900
A Car For Every Year – Part 2 – 1901 to 1920
A Car For Every Year – Part 3 – 1921 to 1930
A Car For Every Year – Part 4 – 1931 to 1940 (to follow)
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From 1921 motor manufacturers were constantly innovating both in engine performance and coachwork design. Tyres, brakes, suspension, electrics and paintwork were ever improving and industry giants were growing in both capacity and in reaching world markets.

Other events in World History

Coco Chanel launches Chanel No 5, which is still going strong almost a
hundred years later.
The Communist party of China is established.

The USSR is formed and is commonly known as Russia.
First Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is formed.

Time magazine is launched and Warner Brothers Studio opens in Los
Angeles. Later these two companies end up in the same stable.

First Winter Olympics in Paris
IBM Founded
Marlon Brando (The Godfather) and Lee Iacocca (The man who brought us the
Ford Mustang and Pinto and who later rebuilt the Chrysler Corporation both

F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby published
Chrysler Corporation founded
3M Scotch Tape invented
Trudy Ederle is the first woman to swim the English Channel
The first Pontiacs go on sale in America
Henry Ford introduces the 40 Hour work week
Marilyn Monroe and Fidel Castro both born

Diamond of the Day

The Pop Up toaster and colour TV invented
Pan American Airways founded
Ford launch the Model A
Andy Williams and Roger Moore (007) born this year
Mickey Mouse makes his first appearance.
The Summer Olympics held in Amsterdam
Penicillin discovered and Bubble Gum and the sliced bread maker invented

Wall Street Stock Market crashes
The St.Valentine’s Day massacre
First Academy Awards Held
First Monaco Grand Prix.
Motorola launch the first car radio
Popeye makes his first appearance

First FIFA Soccer world Cup in Uruguay
Uruguay beat Argentina in the final
The Great Depression Begins.

1930 Morris Oxford Six
1930 Morris Oxford Six
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1921 Morris Oxford Six F Type – Vauxford [ CC BY-SA 4.0]
1922 Opel 10/30 – MPW57 [ CC BY 3.0]
1923 Alvis 12/50 – Fairfielder1920 [CC BY-SA 4.0]
1924 Isotta Fraschini 8A Roadster – Luc106 [Public domain]
1925 Ford TT Truck – Geni [ CC BY-SA 4.0]
1926 Chrysler Imperial E80 Touring – Lars-Göran Lindgren [CC BY-SA 3.0]
1927 Rover 10 – AlfvanBeem [CCO]
1928 Chevrolet National AB Coupe – Berthold Werner [ CC BY-SA 3.0]
1929 Peugeot 201 – Xabi Rome-Hérault [CC BY 3.0]
1930 Morris Oxford Six – Steve Glover [ CC BY 2.0]