Westrand Car Show - Austin A125 Sheerline

Austin A125 Sheerline

The Austin A125 Sheerline was a large luxury British car produced 1947 to 1954. It replaced the 4 litre Austin 28 Ranelagh first produced in 1938.

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The Sheerline was designed in the style of the contemporary Rolls-Royce or Bentley but at a much lower price and offering the same levels of luxury. It cost a third less than an equivalent Rolls Royce and six times more than standard production Austins of the time.

The first Sheerlines were designated as the A110 with a 3460 cc straight six engine. The engine was soon replaced with a 125 bhp (93Kw) motor of 3995cc. Thus the car was designated the A125.

Westrand Car Show - Austin A125 Sheerline
Austin A125 Sheerline

A Saloon version was first produced on a 3 meter wheelbase chassis. In late 1949 a Limousine on a stretched 3.3 metres chassis was added to the range. Coachbuilders used this model to convert into hearses and ambulances.

Westrand Car Show - Austin A125 Sheerline Limousine
Austin A125 Sheerline Limousine

The sedans weighed 1,850 kg and the limousines 2,000 kg. The sedan had a top speed of just over 130kph

After producing around 8000 vehicles the model was replaced by the A135 or Austin Princess and the Vanden Plas Princess.

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Austin A125 Sheerline – Charles01 (CC BY-SA 3.0) – Featured Image
1950 Austin A125 Sheerline – Steve Glover from Bolton, Lancs., England ( CC BY 2.0)
Austin A125 Sheerline – Redsimon at English Wikipedia (CC BY 3.0)
Austin Sheerline Limousine – pyntofmyld (CC BY 2.0)
1949 Austin A 125 Sheerline – Peverill5 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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