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The Austin A35 was a small family car that was sold by Austin from 1956 until 1968.

The Austin A35 replaced the highly successful Austin A30. The name change reflected the larger and more powerful 34 hp (25 kW) A-Series inline-four engine, enabling a slightly higher top speed and better acceleration.

The A30 and the A35 were externally the same except that the A35 had a larger Rear window. The chrome radiator grille of the A30 was replaced by a painted grille with a chrome horseshoe edging.In addition the A35 had flashing indicators fitted front and rear while the A30 had trafficators.

Mechanically the A35 had the larger and stronger engine and much better gear ratios, which improved the driving experience. The Panel vans were very popular with small businesses throughout Britain.

A35 4-door Saloon

Like the A30, the A35 was offered as a two- or four-door saloon and two-door “Countryman” estate and also as a van. The van continued in production from 1956 to 1968.

 A rare coupe utility pickup version was also produced in 1956, with just 477 sold. Drawings were made for a sports tourer, but no prototype was actually built.

Westrand Car Show - 1957 Austin A35 Pickup
1957 Austin A35 Pickup

The A35 passenger cars were replaced by the new body shape A40 Farina models in 1959 but the estate car version continued until 1962 and van until 1968.

A two-door de-luxe saloon with the 948cc engine was tested by the British Motor magazine in 1956 and was found to have a top speed of 71.9 mph (115.7 km/h

Two door Saloons – 100,284
Four door Saloons – 28,961,
Van & Countryman – 211,567
Pick-up: 477
CKD (completely knocked down) 13,320
Total – 354,609
Together with the production of the Austin A30 over 550,000 units were produced. Many are still in existence today.

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FEATURED IMAGE 1959 Austin A35 4 door – GPS 56 from New Zealand [CC BY 2.0]
1958 Austin A35 (Rear) – Vauxford [CC BY-SA 4.0]
1955 Austin A30 – (Rear) – Andrew Bone from Weymouth, England [CC BY 2.0]
1958 Austin A35 Countryman  – Charles01 [CC BY-SA 3.0]
1965 Austin A35 Van – Kevauto [CC BY-SA 4.0]
1957 Austin A35 Pickup (Coupe Utility) – SG2012 [CC BY 2.0]