Westrand Car Show - 1925 Austin 7 Brooklands

Austin 7 Brooklands Super Sport

The Austin 7 was a small British car made from 1922 to 1939. It was to the UK what the Ford Model T was to the USA. Prior to the launch of the Austin 7 the company had only made big cars, so this was for them a big move.

It started out as a two door tourer using a 747cc 4 cylinder engine but then a young British engineer – Eric Cecil Gordon England obtained an Austin Chassis and engine which he wished to race.

He set about improving engine performance on the one hand and building a lightweight body on the other. Adapting techniques used by aircraft manufacturers England used a lightweight fabric body made out of wood bolted to the chassis and the “upholstered” in fabric.

He then produced a road version of his racer, but with an aluminium body.

His successes encouraged him to further develop family motor cars. He then designed a fabric bodied saloon called the Austin 7 Sunny. After relocating his factory to The Palace of Industry near the old Wembley Football Stadium in London he developed the Austin 7 Wembley and another sports car called the Austin 7 Stadium, which was a fabric covered vehicle. You can clearly see the matt finish of the green fabric on the Austin 7 Stadium Below.

Westrand Car Show - 1929 Austin 7 Stadium 2 seater
1929 Austin 7 Stadium 2 seater
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Featured Image – 1925 Austin 7 Brooklands – Graham Robertson [CC BY 2.0]
1925 Austin 7 Brooklands – Graham Robertson [CC BY 2.0]
1926 Austin 7 GE Brooklands Replica – Clive Barker [CC BY 2.0]
1929 Austin 7 Stadium 2 seater – Clive Barker [CC BY 2.0]