Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve


One of the main sponsors of the 2019 Westrand Car Show is the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve. It less than 30 minutes’ drive from the middle of Roodepoort and even closer to Krugersdorp. The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is now almost 35 years old. Over the years they have been constantly expanding the reserve. By adding wonderful new attractions that suit all types of animals the experience of outdoor life lovers is ever improving.

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve has several self- drive options or you can book a guided tour with a highly skilled and knowledgeable guide that adds value to your tour. The predator enclosure is obviously one of the main attractions but you can plan your trip to see and do much more.
Part of the reserve is for the ‘plains animals’ – the Rhino, buck and smaller species that live in relative peace with each other.

There is also one of the newer and very eco-friendly interventions managed by the reserve – The vulture table. Sometimes up to 200 large birds of prey gather at the feeding table to feed on carcasses of both wild and domestic farm animals supplied by the Reserve.

There is a section dedicated to wild waterfowl, which in turn attracts other birds. The reserve is an ideal venue to observe and photograph a large variety of our feathered friends.

The Wild Life Centre is open daily to visitors, who can learn about various species.

There are dedicated areas for cyclists to stretch their legs, a children’s play park and bike park.There are more than enough restaurants to accommodate kid’s parties and to suit all pockets with delicious meals and party activities to choose from.

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve has established a 4 x 4 book trail for suitable vehicles and intrepid drivers. Within the reserve there are some alternative well-marked routes just for the 4 x 4’s. Standard cars follow the normal roads in the reserve.

There’s something for everyone from young to old, from the adventurous Braveheart’s to those that prefer a more genteel approach to enjoying the great outdoors.

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is one of the top tourist destinations in Gauteng. It is managed by a team of dedicated people. They go out of their way to make your day out in the country a really memorable experience.

Two really special features I’ve kept to last are the private self-catering chalets and log cabins that can be hired. They are in natural groups suitable for family reunions and corporate workshops. The other is the “Bothongo Wonder Cave”. Measured at millions of years old this enormous cave does not require that you crawl around like a mouse to enjoy an amazing piece of natural art that stretches 80 metres above you.

The Management and staff look forward in welcoming you at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve.

For bookings, enquiries and planning your trip to Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve call:-
011 – 957 0349
011 – 957 0106
011 – 957 0107
E-MAIL: info@rhinolion.co.za
Website: www.rhinolion.co.za

Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and Zebra – F.Andrew – Thats Nice
Swan, Vultures, Game Vehicle – Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

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