Westrand Car Show - 1937 Hudson Coupe Utility

Hudson Coupe Utility – 1937

Yesterday over three hundred and fifty viewers saw a post on Facebook where we asked “Can you describe the vehicle”? No one ventured an answer.

This post is about a unique Coupe Utility vehicle. It is about a Hudson built in 1937.

 In the days before chain stores and wide safe highways selling your goods was a lot different than today.

Chip ‘n Dip Stalletjie Rib en Bief Burger Stalletjie

 Most companies employed salesmen who would travel from town to town, stopping at general dealers, Mom and Pop stores, other small businesses and even at private homes. Before we had motor cars the salesmen went on a donkey cart or a horse drawn carriage.

There they would haul out their wares and display them to the shopkeeper, give their sales pitch, take their order (on a good day) and move on to the next shop or town. On his return to his office his orders were processed and sent off to the buyers.

Even in South Africa in the 1970’s the Peugeot 404 was the vehicle of choice of companies who did business in that manner.

There were others, but Hudson built a truly unique Coupe Utility.

What Hudson did was to take a conventional coupe and modify the rear end to create a metal box or load bed that was mounted on rails so that the box could be slid out and in of the boot – like a metal filing cabinet.

To use the load box, you simply opened the boot lid, and slid the box out. You could then pack it with whatever you wanted. You could either push the box back in and close the boot lid or lock the box in an open position. Then you simply drove off. 

I know there are a few Hudsons around Johannesburg, Preoria and the Vaal. Hopefully you will enter for the Westrand Car Show on 31 August 2019.

The Westrand Car Show is a Classic Car Show. TO QUALIFY FOR ENTRANCE TO A COMPETITIVE CLASS, VEHICLES MUST HAVE BEEN BUILT OR REGISTERED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 1999 OR EARLIER. Only the first 180 QUALIFYING vehicles will receive a commemorative medallion. Any newer vehicle is welcome to be entered as a “non-competitive vehicle” and to be placed on show just because of “the spirit of motoring” and the desire to share the joy that your wheels bring you, with all of the rest of us. See the list of classes below and the entrance form. Remember its a fun day, so don’t take it too seriously.

Non-Competitive vehicles may enter at the gate on the day.

The Westrand Car Show is an alcohol-free event and any person found to have in their possession or to be consuming alcohol will not be admitted and/or will be asked to leave the premises of Dr. Havinga School. 


Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n klassieke motorskou. OM TE KWALIFISEER VIR TOEGANG TOT ‘N KOMPETERENDE KLAS, MOET VOERTUIE VIR DIE EERSTE KEER IN 1999 OF VROEËR GEBOU OF GEREGISTREER WORD. Slegs die eerste 180 KWALIFISERENDE voertuie sal ‘n gedenkmedalje ontvang. Enige nuwer voertuig is welkom om as ‘n “nie-mededingende voertuig” ingeskryf te word, en dit net te danke aan” die gees van motor” en die begeerte om die vreugde wat u wiele vir u bring, saam met ons almal te deel. Kyk na die lys van klasse hieronder en die ingangsvorm. Onthou, dis ‘n pret dag moenie dit te ernstig opneem.

Nie-mededingende voertuie mag op die dag by die hek inteken.

Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n alkoholvrye gebeurtenis, en enige persoon wat bevind is dat hy in besit is en/of alkohol inneem, sal nie toegelaat word nie en/of gevra sal word om die perseel van die Dr. Havinga skool te verlaat.

Competition Classes Enter Your Vehicle

1937 Hudson Coupe Utility – FEATURED IMAGE – RM Sothebys
1937 Hudson Coupe Utility – Green – RM Sothebys
1937 Hudson Coupe Utility – Black – D. Miller [CC BY 2.0]
Hudson Utility Coupe – Red -96Impala [Public domain]

In a separate post, which still has to be completed I will explain what the difference is between a Pick up or Bakkie and a Coupe Utility.