Westrand Car Show - 1934 Hudson Terraplane K-coupe

The Hudson Motor Car Company built Hudson and Essex cars from 1909 to 1954. Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator Company to form American Motors Corporation (AMC). The Hudson name was used until the end of the 1957 model year. Hudson also produced one of the few real Coupe Utility vehicles Hudson was formed in February 20, […]

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Westrand Car Show - 1931 Essex Super Six Sport Roadster

A HUDSON BY ANOTHER NAME The Hudson Motor Company was an American car manufacturer. Hudson competed  against the “Big 3”. The “Big 3” were Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Hudson did extremely well in the upper end of the market but were not that strong at the cheaper end of the market. In order to […]

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Westrand Car Show - 1959 Alvis TD21 Drophead Coupe

The Alvis Company originally started out 1919 as T G John and Co. They made motor scooters and stationary engines. In 1921 the business changed its name to The Alvis Car and Engineering Company. Two Daimler employees – GT Smith-Clarke and WM Dunn joined Alvis in 1922. Together with Geoffrey de Freville they developed brilliant […]

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