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Pancakes to us English, but better!

You can’t have a Bazaar, or Fete, or “Kermis” or rugby game, or the Westrand Car Show unless you can make really good pancakes, and lots of them. A Pancake is like no other food. Everybody eats pancakes.

Most people prefer cinnamon and sugar with a dash of lemon juice and the pancake rolled up. others prefer a savoury mince filling or even a fish and cheese filling. In fact just about anything works in a pancake.

I doubt there will be anything other than cinnamon and sugar at the Westrand Car Show, but what a way to walk around comparing Pontiacs, Packards, Plymouths and Peerless Cars while munching on a Pannekoek.

Don’t forget to visit the tea garden, cakes and puddings.

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