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Klerksdorp to Durban

Two days in a 1947 Pontiac in the early 50’s –

Westrand Car Show
WestRand Car Show

It was misty and cold and the rondavel was far from the dining room. My dog, a pavement special, but mainly black and mainly wire haired foxy was under our 1947 Pontiac, and he refused to come out. We were booked in at the Andrews Motel at Fort Mistake between Newcastle and Ladysmith in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Worsbroodjies & Footlongs

It had taken all day, driving from Klerksdorp to the motel. I think we were moving to Durban and that is why the dog was with us. It could have taken five minutes as I remember nothing of the time from Klerksdorp to Newcastle.

Westrand Car Show 1947-48 Pontiac Silver Streak
1947-48 Pontiac Silver Streak

But I remember the mist. The cold. My dog who refused to come out from under the car.

I remember the next morning, as if it were yesterday, leaving the motel and driving to Ladysmith. Those of you who are old enough, will remember stopping at “The Guinea Fowl” restaurant and service station just as you entered Ladysmith from Newcastle. The motel is still there but has another name, and The Guinea Fowl is still there but is now a Maxis Restaurant and a Caltex Garage.

The landmarks may have changed but the memories have not faded. Not all of the journey, but parts, were unforgettable.

My father only drove General Motors vehicles, Pontiac and Chevrolet, right up until the mid 1970’s when he finally, and unaccountably, bought a Ford!

Westrand Car Show - 1971 Ford Fairmont
1971 Ford Fairmont

Perhaps there will a Pontiac or two, or even a Ford Fairmont at the Westrand Car Show in August 2019

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1947 Pontiac Oakland Pontiac Worldwide
1947-48 Pontiac Silver Streak – Greg Gjerdingen [CC BY 2.0
1971 Ford Fairmont – Riley from Christchurch, New Zealand [CC BY 2.0