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Westrand Car Show
WestRand Car Show

The Ford story goes back to 1903 when Henry Ford established the company. He was, prior to that, involved with Cadillac, which today is the premier marque of General Motors. Much of Ford’s early history is documented in the article we have on the Ford Model T so I will not bore you with a repetition thereof.

But the world of motoring as most of us know it is rapidly changing. Corporations like Ford have forged partnerships and joint ventures with other manufacturers around the world and probably produce more vehicles outside of the United States than in.

What used to be a simple task to identify cars has become much more complex with multiple names, engines, transmissions and adaptations for local markets.

Pannekoek Stalletjie

An example of how big this shift has been is the current offering of “normal” motor vehicles in USA by Ford. The range consists of only 4 sedans and 1 muscle car as they shift more and more to SUV’s and Double Cab Utilities. Two of the 4 American Fords have their roots in the UK. The irony of all this is in the fact that the only decent photo I could get of an American Icon – a 2019 Mustang was actually photographed in the UK. Just for interest sake the paltry 2019 range of American Fords is featured below,

The Westrand Car Show is a Classic Car Show. TO QUALIFY FOR ENTRANCE TO A COMPETITIVE CLASS, VEHICLES MUST HAVE BEEN BUILT OR REGISTERED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 1999 OR EARLIER. Only the first 180 QUALIFYING vehicles will receive a commemorative medallion. Any newer vehicle is welcome to be entered as a “non-competitive vehicle” and to be placed on show just because of “the spirit of motoring” and the desire to share the joy that your wheels bring you, with all of the rest of us. See the list of classes below and the entrance form.

Non-Competitive vehicles may enter at the gate on the day.

2019 – Competition Entry Form
2019 Show – Enter Your Vehicle

Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n klassieke motorskou. OM TE KWALIFISEER VIR TOEGANG tot ‘n kompeterende klas, moet voertuie vir die eerste keer in 1999 of vroeër gebou of geregistreer word. Slegs die eerste 180 KWALIFISERENDE voertuie sal ‘n gedenkmedalje ontvang. Enige nuwer voertuig is welkom om as ‘n “nie-mededingende voertuig” ingeskryf te word, en dit net te danke aan” die gees van motor” en die begeerte om die vreugde wat u wiele vir u bring, saam met ons almal te deel. Kyk na die lys van klasse hierbo en die ingangsvorm.

Nie-mededingende voertuie mag op die dag by die hek inteken.

The Westrand Car Show is an alcohol-free event and any person found to have in their possession or to be consuming alcohol will not be admitted and/or will be asked to leave the premises of Dr. Havinga School.  

Die Westrand Car Show is ‘n alkoholvrye gebeurtenis, en enige persoon wat bevind dat hy in besit is en/of alkohol inneem, sal nie toegelaat word nie en/of gevra sal word om die perseel van die Dr. Havinga skool te verlaat.

IMAGE ATTRIBUTION. If you click on the links below you will, in most cases, get a full screen image.
1925 Model T Ford – ModelT Mitch
1928 Model A Ford – Richard Smith
1949 Ford Custom 300  – AlfvanBeem
1953 Ford Custom – Freda Andrew
1965 Ford Thunderbird – Morven
2010 Ford Taurus – IFCAR Public Domain
Ford Fusion 2nd Generation – Arvind Govindaraj CC BY 2.0
2019 Ford Mustang – Vauxford CC BY-SA 4.0  
2019 Ford Focus Ecoboost – Vauxford CC BY-SA 4.0
2019 Ford Fiesta – RL GNZLZ from Chile [CC BY-SA 2.0